WElCOME TO MY WEBSITE! Since the beginning of the universe, everything is created based on different elements and reasons. Thanks to science , we can start to decode them throughout the times that we are given. Thousands and thousands of mysteries with wonders are waiting for us out there, in the massive world that is packed with beautiful reasons. All of those things are fascinating my humble knowledge, forcing me to find out the answers. The reason why I got hooked into the realm of logics is just a simple act of natural curiosity. Like usual, I was checking the cooking videos , planned out different strategies to make a good dish. Somehow, for the recommendation videos, there is a video that is titled “The universe is a nutshell.” The professor of theoretical physics Michio Kaku explained the topic in such an interesting way under the eyes of physics that took away my soul. With words that are still embedded in my head to this day, “With science, especially in physics, we can start where Einstein left off, and that is the theory of the universe. An equation that is probably about 1 inch long to put on a sheet of paper, but can tell us all the simplicities and natures of the universes. A work that is considered as reading the mind of God.” From that day on, I am on the journey to explore the beauties of sciences in physics. This is what I want to do, to be the catalyst for science education, inspire the young generations with my skills.

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